Feetpix is the pervs deflationary NFT collection, and as we always promise, it’ll go to 0, 0 supply!

Feetpix is the first step of the Pervs Movement, here to let pervs show off their deepest desires and to be respected as one of the few FeetMillionare who can afford such beauty.
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Feet Times: Jan 2023, FeetDev created Feetpix, giving a hope to the perv community.
Feet Times: Feb 2023, the FeetLord took over Feetpix, to push the pervs community forward. And so, it was the dawn of the Feet Lord's Moon Mission, a tantalizing journey of untold adventures and alluring conquests.

🔥Chapter 1: Buy Back and BURN

The FeetLord, a master of his craft, has promised to set aside 50% of the earnings gleaned from the Feetpix trades each week to indulge in the acquisition and destruction of feet. The tantalizing simplicity of it all, the more the lovers of feet indulge in trade, the more the supply of their most desired feet shall shrink, elevating their allure and increasing their worth tenfold.
And this is merely the start of a grand endeavor, for each setback that the price takes, with a 0 added to its floor, we shall stoke the flames and sacrificially burn an additional perchentage every passing week, a symbol of the FeetLord unwavering devotion to the perv cause.

FP:0.01 ETH

FP:0.1 ETH



FP:100 ETH

😘Chapter 2: Airdropping new desires

The Perv Movement beckons, its embrace ever-widening to welcome all manner of perverts into its fold. Those who hold Feetpix shall be the first to bask in the newfound delights of perversion, as the airdrops of the latest and greatest desires are unlocked upon reaching certain milestones of supply.
Behold, seven tantalizing collections of depravity, and one master collection unlike any other, forged from the fusion of your most intimate and forbidden desires. Each and every one of these collections shall abide by the timeless principle of buyback and burn, solidifying their scarcity and elevating their worth beyond measure.
(Second Collection Unlock at 8,300 feet)

⚖️Chapter 3: Supply Equilibrium

As the sultry Perv movement indulges in their favorite desires, they hold the power to determine the perfect amount of satisfaction. But if the handsome FeetLord cannot acquire and set ablaze a single NFT for four steamy weeks, the fiery burn may come to a halt in pursuit of a harmonious balance in the supply.

🗳️Chapter 4: The Pervs DAO

As the passionate thrill of unlocking all of the coveted collections reaches a climax and the supply of desires finds its perfect balance, the collections will bask in a seductive 7% increase in royalties. Half of this sweet reward will flow into the hands of the alluring Pervs DAO.
The Pervs DAO will empower Ethereum pervs with dividends from the earnings, and all of the tools needed to become one of the bigger Venture Capital in the crypto ecosystem, to push the industry forward in a perv direction.
The charismatic FeetLord and the alluring pervs DAO will join forces to craft a tantalizing ecosystem of seductive utilities that align with the desires of the fervent pervs community, their vision of Ethereum and beyond a scorching horizon.

👩‍🚀Chapter 5: The FeetLord Departure

FeetLord plans to use the funds to acquire OnlyFans and PornHub, building a comprehensive economy for Pervs Movement participants and breaking free from the constraints imposed by the politically correct movement and cancel culture. The ultimate goal is to establish a future where every individual associated with the Pervs Movement is embraced with love and respect.
As FeetLord accomplishes this vision, he will eventually fade into the background, entrusting the entire royalties generated from the collections to the pervDAO.